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      Video resources (Flipped Classroom-way)







  • School system wants to enhance innovation in teaching

  • Students are creative, so they will enjoy the new methodology

  • Teachers are open-minded, they are willing to learn new methodologies and they have enough IT competence

  • In some cases, teachers are already using similar kind of approach but not regularly, just in some lessons.

  • Students’ interest in new technologies /IT devices/facilities

  • Part of the staff motivated and prepared both for using technology and training colleagues

  • Computer, Internet and/or whiteboard in each classroom

  • Students work at home at their own pace.

  • Students prefer computer-based homework rather than traditional one.

  • Students like playing games.

  • Students like being the protagonists of the studying process.

  • Students feel safer and more confident after having watched the material.


  • Lack of IT facilities in schools

  • Some students don`t have Internet connection or PCs at home

  • Some teachers don`t have IT skills so they don`t feel confident with the new methods

  • Slow internet connection in some schools

  • Some teachers are not prepared to the change and not ready to  “keep” the process of learning

  • Preparing materials may take too much time to teachers (so some don’t want to go through new methods because they need time for that and they don`t want to spend any extra time on that)

  • Not all the students willing to work at home

  • Lack of teachers’ time for coordination, training and lesson preparation

  • Teachers without enough computer skills

  • Teachers reluctant to new approaches

  • Students’ prejudice and insecurity  about changing the traditional method

  • Not all the students have got their own computer

  • Not every student does his/her homework.

  • Weak students are not confident when doing their homework independently.

  • A lot of work for teachers.

  • Teachers are supposed to undergo changes.

  • Teachers don’t really know how determined students are when completing their homework.






  • Teachers can help students who have more problems because they have more time to be at their side

  • It’s more interesting and motivating for both teachers and students

  • Students take more active part in the learning process

  • Improvement in communication for students

  • Better relationship

  • Increasing motivation both for teachers and students

  • Teachers will learn new methodologies and how to use IT in teaching

  • Students’ expectations about being more successful

  • Teachers’ expectations about improving the quality of teaching

  • Administration supports the idea.

  • Teachers are trained for flipped classrooms.



  • Teachers’ and students’ disappointment and discourage

  • Stop receiving funds for maintenance

  • Leadership changes

  • Educational laws changes

  • Some ss work after school, so they don’t have time

  • Politics may interfere with the implementation of new technology for economical reasons

  • Parents may not understand what`s going on so they should be informed

  • Not enough money to train teachers

  • Lack of financial support.

  • Not every student has an internet access.

  • Some teachers are not open to new methodologies.




Kahoot quiz to motivate students to study at home independently and find out who understands the topic and who needs further explanation (1, 5).

The teacher can give weak students an individual consultation at school or online when they are not confident about a particular topic (2).

Teachers should work collaboratively and share their resources and experience with each other (3, 4).

Teachers get enough trained (4).

Schools can look for sponsors or apply for grants (6).



Teachers can pay more attention to individual students (individual approach).

Students are more motivated and involved. Active participation makes them reach a better success.



Mix between individual and cooperation:

Start a task individually for a few minutes- find out as much as possible

Then a pair work, to work with the same task together for maybe 10 minutes

Two and two pairs work together, to develop the amount of knowledge for maybe 20-30 minutes


Give each group different tasks  (4 different Norwegian animals), new group consists of one from each animal-group, who teach the others






Try to get the students use their creativity


Use of learing-strategies:


“Start with a WISH”  (important WORDS, ILLUSTRATIONS, SUMMARY and HEADINGS) before start reading the text


Flipped Classroom

Our Norwegian colleagues presented a training session and multiplier event to teachers from other Norwegian Schools and from Estonia on flipping the classroom. During this meeting they presented innovative strategies for extending student learning beyond the school walls. Further information on the flipped classroom is available on request

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