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During our professional development session in Norway, we learned about the flipped classroom and experts from the Educational community in the Bergen district explained how Norwegian schools deliver lessons using flipped classroom methodology. 

The Norwegian school shared expertise about their Respekt programme. This is  a nationwide initiative in Norway which aims to challenge bullying.

This school development program aims to reduce several types of behavioral problems in child and youth school such as bullying, discipline problems and concentration difficulties, as well racism, violence and gangs.

RESPEKT aims to promote social behavior by working with the school's personnel to enhance the quality of teaching and the social environment in class and school. The school receives systematic training and guidancance over three years in key principles to prevent and stop behavioral problems.


The program is based on four main principles:

1) The authoritative adults,

2) Width,

3) Consistency and

4) Continuity.

The authoritative adults show that they care about the students, give them attention, help them socially and professionally and show them respect. This develops good positive relationships between the adults and the students. The adults must have control and show the ability and willingness to intervene against negative behaviors. When the teacher is in control, development also prevents informal leaders among students. The combination of Support and Control forms the basis for the authoritative adult and will in itself prevent unwanted behavior. Width is reflected in the involvement of all actors in school development and through the involvement of all levels at school. Consistency implies that the entire school community is characterized by RESPECT's basic principles. The principles should be recognizable in dealing with behavioral problems as well as in teaching in school subjects. The adults then become predictable and help create security. Consequently, consistency also implies that the basic principles are integrated into the organization and permeate the decision-making bodies of the school. Continuity means that the implementation of RESPEKT will last over time. Implementation must not bear the character of a skipping roof, so to die after shorter or longer time. The program has a progression where the various elements are phased in after a timed plan. Municipalities can register for school groups The program is offered by the Center for Behavioral Research at the University of Stavanger. Participation in the program is done by the municipality seeking to apply for groups of at least 3 schools for the program. Currently prioritized schools in municipalities already having the program. Participation is based on a written contract between the school and the Center for Behavioral Research.

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