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Dungeons and Dragons

Today was the third day here in Slovenia. We went to the capital Ljubljana and it was pretty awesome. During the morning we first went to the Parliament where Spain, Italy, Norway and Slovenia presented their essays. I was honestly so nervous because had to read, but I managed to be relaxed and everything went well !! Then we had a break and a group work and we had to discuss some social and political issues.

During the afternoon we had some free time and then we went to the castle in Lubljana. The view from there was awesome and so was this city. It is quiet but full of people from different countries. I really enjoyed it and I hope one day I will go back.

In the morning we painted our Logos in school and we presented them in the local supermarket. In the afternoon we went by bus to Postojna cave which was realoly beautiful. After we visited the Predjama castle which was located in a cave. After that we went back to our host families it was an interesting and beautiful day.

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