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Castles and Caves

Once we woke up, we took the bus to go to school, and it took us 20 minutes. When we arrived, we talked with other guests in the library, especially with Polish and Dutch students. Then, we had to go to the music room to start the logo activity. It was fun and beautiful, because we had to draw and paint one important monument of our country, and I like drawing but not painting, so when the monument was drawn, and we had to paint it, I left the room. Once the paintings were finished, we took them and we put them in a supermarket, so that people could see them.Later, after having lunch, we played a card game with some Polish students. It was great.

Some time later, we arrived at Postojna Cave, a cave where you can see the inside of it by train. I really liked it because it was very big, and there was a guide who explained everything.

Finally, we went to Predjama

Castle, which is a castle built inside a cave. It was really nice to be there because there were some old objects.

At the end, we went back to our hosts’ houses, we had dinner, and we went to bed.

I really liked this day, because we started talking with other students from other countries, and Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle were wonderful.

We came to the school and went to library where we were waiting for teachers. We needed to draw simbols of our countrys, wrapped a box for CARITAS and draw our flags. It was kind of hard but also very fun. After we finished our work we went to local SPAR store and exhibited the arts. Then we had lunch and some free time. Later on we went in Postojnska jama where we were driving in a train through the cave and then continued walking. Train was the most amazing part of the trip. There we saw stalactites and stalagmites and human fish. We also visited the castle near the Postojnska jama. When we came back to Pivka we went with our hosts out for drinks, had pizza or went for a walk. Tuesday was very fun and exciting.

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