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Monday in Slovenian Cave

Bartek Pietryka, Poland First day in Slovenia was pretty outstanding. We started the day with Ice Breaking activities to start to know members of other countries that came to Pivka too. Then we went on to

Cave which was just breathtaking, personally - I have never seen anything like that in my entire life.

Maja Dekleva, Slovenia

The week started with some sports activities. We wanted to conect with our guests. After that we watched a film about a girl called Europa. Then we had to paint what Europa means to us. In the afternoon our guests visited Škocijan Caves.

Jack Morris, England

My first day in a Slovenian school went pretty good. At the start of the day, all the countries came together to do some mini sport games. After that we had break when we all came to the music room and had a few drinks and snacks. Then we watched a few a few videos about Europa, then drew what we believed Europe was. Finally we visited the Škocijan Cave which was amazing!

Max Rundle, England

Our first day we came to school to meet all of the foreign students and we did some ice breaker activities to bring us closer to others. We had to go to the music room to have a snack at break and then afterwards we learnt about europa a girl who was married to zeus and created Europe . Then we went to the Škocijan Caves and they were absolouty outstanding! After that we went to a restaurant to end the night.

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